March 15, 2024

Women in Franchising: Revealing Success Stories and Insights from 4 Influential Women

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Women's ascent in the male-dominated franchising field is a testament to their perseverance, resilience, and unwavering determination to succeed against the odds. As the franchising landscape evolved and embraced diversity, women in franchising have seized opportunities to lead and excel in this once predominantly male industry. Their remarkable journey showcases not just their individual triumphs but also the transformative shift towards inclusivity and empowerment in the franchising world.

In this blog, let’s get to know the incredible stories, victories, and wisdom of remarkable women who are making their mark in the franchising world. These women not only lead successful franchises but also pave the way for others, showcasing the power of resilience, determination, and innovation in the business world. From breaking barriers to forging new paths, these trailblazing women exemplify the rising presence and influence of female leaders in the franchising industry. Join us as we celebrate their achievements and uncover the secrets to their success, inspiring a new generation of women to rise and thrive in the world of franchising.

Women in the Franchising Business

Tamika Franklyn - Franchise Consultant and CEO at Precision Franchise LLC  

Her remarkable success in the franchising industry is rooted in her unwavering dedication to customer focus, producing tangible results, and building lasting relationships based on trust and dependability. As a Franchise Consultant, Tamika essentially matches individuals with aligned franchises or proven business models, educating them on industry opportunities while gaining insight into their goals and lifestyle to offer suitable investment options. She goes beyond traditional consulting by hosting webinars and participating in panels, podcasts, radio shows, and workshops, leveraging her expertise to educate and empower others. Tamika's YouTube channel Franchise Vibes serves as a platform to share valuable insights, which she aims to repurpose in marketing efforts. Additionally, her affiliations with lenders for loan options, HR/payroll services, and business sales highlight her comprehensive approach to supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their franchising journey.

Michelle Monroe Rowan - President & COO at Franchise Business Review

Her impact in the franchising world is exemplified by Franchise Business Review's significant contributions since 2005. Having assisted over 1100 franchise brands in understanding franchisee, employee, and candidate satisfaction, she has been instrumental in providing actionable data to help franchises achieve their performance objectives. Through FBR's initiatives, including empowering franchisees to rate their brand and offering satisfaction research in their guides, Michelle has brought transparency to the franchise industry. Her strategic leadership has strengthened brands, increased revenue, and created a leading forum for franchise stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive success in the ever-evolving franchising landscape.

Jennifer Blair - Founder and CEO of Deka Lash

She dedicated herself to empowering women globally through her lash-focused brand. What began as a single lash studio in Pittsburgh, PA, has evolved into a thriving franchise, showcasing Blair's keen eye for growth opportunities and networking. With over 100 Deka Lash Studios across the United States and Canada, Blair's success in the franchising world is evident. By introducing Deka Lash to new franchisees, she streamlines the process of business ownership, offering entrepreneurs the chance to leverage an established brand while maintaining autonomy. Blair's passion for assisting business owners and fostering a sense of independence has been instrumental in Deka Lash's journey to success in the competitive beauty industry.

Cari Diaz - Franchise Development Specialist

She is passionate about connecting with entrepreneurs who aspire to make a meaningful impact. Her success in the franchising world stems from introducing innovative brands like Club Z! and Acti-Kare to individuals looking to make a difference. Club Z! stands out as a top leader in the tutoring industry, offering franchisees a proven system, protected territories, and a recession-proof business model. With nearly two decades of experience positively impacting children and communities, Club Z! provides entrepreneurs with the tools for success, including a comprehensive marketing program and social media management. Similarly, Acti-Kare addresses the growing need for aging in place solutions, allowing franchisees to tap into the demand for elder care services while promoting independent and healthy living. Cari Diaz's ability to identify lucrative opportunities and support franchisees in achieving their goals has been key to her success in franchising.

Empowering women in franchising goes beyond breaking barriers, it's about fostering a thriving and inclusive business environment where their unique perspectives, skills, and strengths shine. At Precision Franchise, we recognize the invaluable contributions women make to the franchising world. From offering tailored guidance and training to helping navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, Precision Franchise understands the immense value women bring to this dynamic industry. Our goal? Equipping them with free online courses, strategies, and unwavering support needed to navigate this journey with confidence and success. Let's learn some winning strategies and steer clear of common pitfalls together. Ready to make your mark in franchising? Let's get started!