Free guidance and information
on great franchise businesses

Precision Franchise helps aspiring entrepreneurs to find
profitable business models that fit their lifestyle goals.
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Free guidance and information on a great franchise businesses.

We help aspiring entrepreneurs to find profitable franchise businesses that fit their lifestyle goals.
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Are you ready to be your own boss?

With Precision Franchise, you are treated to a full-service, VIP experience.
We ensure you that from start to finish you’ll feel comfortable and organized as you’re introduced to each franchise opportunity.

When you decide to move forward, you’ll have the confidence that your decision is right.



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You'll enter into your new business with confidence as we'll be your internal advocate for your precise match!

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Let's find out more about what you're looking for by answering this questionnaire and rating the industry you're interested in.

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Our intro calls last about 15-30 minutes and allow us to assess your situation and goals with business ownership.


Finding the right franchise can change your life

Franchises help you achieve profitability in your business sooner. However, a franchise that is good for one person may not be good for another. Researching alone isn’t enough. You have to have the right data and know how to examine it in order to make the best decision.

A few advantages of using Precision Franchise services:

  • Industry Information - access to extensive data on thousands of franchises
  • Cut down on your research time
  • Provides franchise comparisons and reports
  • Working with Precision Franchise is no cost to you!

Get the real story on a franchise

Franchise Consulting

Our consulting is a complimentary service to you. Our goal is to help you identify franchise or business opportunities that meet your personal, professional, financial and lifestyle goals.

Before starting your own business, it is extremely important to take an organized approach with your research and align yourself with real professionals who are trained on how to acurately assess franchise opportunities.

Including legal training, industry training, client training, profitability studies, franchisor training, and more. We provide an abundance of tools to help you in your decision process.

Franchise funding services

Financing Options

There are many grants, financial assistance programs, loan brokers, retirement rollovers (offering tax free opportunities to buying your business) as well as traditional and creative funding options.

If you would like to discuss our list of lenders to assist you with funding your business, contact us today.

  • Do you need financing for the purchase of your franchise?
  • Do you have money in an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account?
  • Would you like to access the money in your retirement account to invest in your own business, without taking a taxable distribution?

We are here to help facilitate this and get your questions answered.


Partnered with the best

As a member of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), Precision Franchise is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in every aspect of their franchise discovery process.

Only FBA Franchise Brokers have access to the worlds largest inventory of franchise information. We are able to quickly assess any franchise and share with you a history of its successes or failures.

Since 2008, the FBA has taught hundreds of franchise brokers on this process and this training includes over 200 hours of industry training needed to properly assess a franchise on its merits - not the slick marketing materials.