November 12, 2021

Vaccine Mandates for Healthcare Workers. What to Do?

Do You Want to Transitioning from Healthcare to Entrepreneurship?

It’s no secret that this administration’s number one priority since inauguration is to decrease the number of COVID-19 deaths by encouraging Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the last 6 months, encouraging Americans has turned into requiring Americans to get the vaccine depending on the industry you work in.

It’s completely understandable to urge essential workers, specifically those in the healthcare industry, to protect themselves by any means necessary. However, with the increase of COVID-19 vaccination mandates across the nation, there are still individuals who may not agree with the mandate policy or do not want to be forced to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Many nurses, doctors, hospital staff, and healthcare professionals have opted to retire, quit, , and even get suspended, or even fired all to avoid the high risks and policies that may impede on their right to choose. Many healthcare professionals have started fresh through new business opportunities.

Nurses, Hospital Workers, and Doctors are Starting Their Own Business

So, what can you do if you work in the healthcare industry, but you may not want to get vaccinated? What type of job or career can you have outside of the medical or healthcare industry? DO you think you’re ready to quit your job and start fresh? Has COVID-19 caused you to rethink what you want to do with your life? We’re sure you have so many questions that need answers and we’re here to offer insight on an entrepreneurial path that could allow you to enjoy freedom in every aspect of your life.

The healthcare shortage is at an all-time high which means staffs are overworked, underpaid, and justifiably cautious. You may be one of these people. Like thousands of hospital workers across the nation, you’re ready to make a change or you feel like you’re forced to make a change. That’s okay! Here at Precision Franchise, we offer resources and guidance that can help you find the right business franchise opportunity that will provide you with the freedom that you once had back over your life.

While many automatically associate franchises with restaurants, there are numerous industries – including home-based businesses, that allow you to take control of your life and make decisions that bring you happiness and peace of mind.

Get the Tools You Need to Start a Franchise Business

Now is the chance for you to fulfill your dreams of entrepreneurship and we help guide aspiring entrepreneurs to find profitable business models that fit their lifestyle goals. A pivot doesn’t have to be forced. You have the freedom to choose to live the life you want. We’ll help put you in the right position for you to start your franchise business with a strong foundation. Allow us to set you up for success and connect you with the resources you need to succeed. Our team listens to your needs, asks important questions, and provides you with the answer you need.

We offer numerous resources for the nine to five employees interested in opening a franchise. Contact our team today and schedule a call to begin the next journey of your life – entrepreneurship will look great on you!