November 12, 2021

Moving Out of the Classroom and Into Entrepreneurship – Teachers, Mandates, and New Beginnings

While 2020 was an unpredictable year of change rocked by COVID-19, 2021 has been an equally stressful year of aftermath and transition. From virtual learning to hybrid teaching to traditional in-person class, educators across the nation experienced highs and lows that has affected their ability to make a true impact in their students’ lives.

Due to the physical, emotional, and mental effects of the pandemic, many teachers couldn’t seem to get back into their groove, while others had the chance to explore other career opportunities. For the Fall 2021 school year, many teachers were being forced to make some very tough decisions:

  • Get the mandated vaccine or get suspended or fired
  • Risk being exposed to COVID-19 as in-person teaching phased back in
  • Find new career opportunities after being laid off during the pandemic
  • Retire to avoid the COVID-19 chaos

The last two years have helped us appreciate the sacrifices that essential workers, in this case, educators make in order to teach and nurture our children Educators and school administrators have endured so much and now after weathering through unpredictable teaching conditions, many must abide by the COVID-19 mandate in order to keep their job. Many teachers still struggle to adjust to the new normal, and many view the aftermath of the past two years as a wake-up call to start their own business and take back control of their lives. If you can relate to this whirlwind reality of what it means to be a COVID-19 era teacher, then you may want to consider a different path for your future.

When you first started teaching, you didn’t predict that you’d be considering leaving the teaching field so abruptly. However, you may find that starting your own business could be the beginning of a newfound happiness, peace, passion and opportunity for financial prosperity.

Be Your Own Boss.

Precision Franchise can help you smoothly transition into entrepreneurship. As a teacher, you already have the skillset needed to be a successful entrepreneur. You’re a leader. You’re perseverant and patient and you know how to plan. All you need now are the resources and guidance to help you choose the best business franchise opportunity that fits your life goals and that’s where we step in.

We provide you with a full-service, VIP experience from start to finish. Our team will equip you with the knowledge you need to place you in the best position to build and maintain a profitable franchise. It’s possible to make your dreams a reality and despite the chaos and stress of 2020-2021, this is the push you needed to finally declare that you’re going to be your own boss.

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